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Please Vote for Me on April 15, 2008. - Platform

Politics Is Too Important To Leave To The Politicians!
Goals Each of Our Children Needs A Good Education.
Our Future Depends on It.
Head Shot
  We Need Solar Power Systems On Our Schools.
Our Future Depends on Clean Energy.
Benefits Save Money & Help the Economy.
Of Enhance National Security.
Clean Energy Preserve the Environment.


I have lived in Manalapan, with my wife and children, since 1993. I currently serve as as member of the Manalapan Environmental Commission, having been appointed in 2007 by Andrew Lucas, and re-appointed in 2008 by Michelle Roth.


College &
Grad School

As an Environmental Sciences student and Energy Intern, I studied the physics, mechanics, engineering, and economics of nuclear and wind power. This led to testimony before the New York Legislative Committee on Energy, the Economy, and the Environment in the Spring of 1976, and in 2005, to testimony before the NRC and the Governor's Commission on Off-Shore Wind.

As a grad student, working for a PhD in Biology program at City University of New York, given the choice between learning French, German, Russian, or Computer Programming, I chose Computer Programming. This led to a career in Information Technology, and night school at CUNY College of Staten Island, Middlesex County College, and New York University.


The patent pending Furmanator II advances the state of the art in data center technology by providing access to the console of rack mounted computer systems, i.e. the keyboard, screen, and mouse, while the rack door remains closed and locked. For information go to the "intellectual property" pages of Furman Consulting Group.


I've been thinking about Clean Energy, and writing about it on Popular Logistics and Orion Magazine. I also have written the environmentalist version of 'We Shall Not Be Moved' and the satirical 'Sunbathing in Siberia.' And have been critical of the mistakes and foibles of Presidents Bush and Carter.


Letters to the Editor

Since 2004, I have become frequent letter-writer to the Asbury Park Press and the Newark Star Ledger; primarily on energy, but also on the War in Iraq, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

But the blogging and letters to the editor will not accomplish as much as working on the School Board and putting solar power systems on the schools.


You Can Hep

Please tell your friends, wives, husbands, neighbors to vote for me.

And tell your representatives from the municipal level to the state house, to the White House and the Congress that you want to see Solar, Wind, other Clean Energy Technologies, and "Nega-Watts" replace nuclear, coal, and oil.

I don't need much money, but a few dollars would go a long way. If you want to make a campaign contribution, please call, send a check, or use "PayPal."

Politics is too important to leave to the politicians.

Thank you very much.

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