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Politics Is Too Important To Leave To The Politicians!
Goals Each of Our Children Needs A Good Education.
Our Future Depends on It.
Head Shot
  We Need Solar Power Systems On Our Schools.
Our Future Depends on Clean Energy.
Benefits Save Money & Help the Economy.
Of Enhance National Security.
Clean Energy Preserve the Environment.

Save Money &
Help the Economy.

With a long term power purchase agreement, we can cut our electric bills by approximately 10% IMMEDIATELY. We can lock in our electric cost and Savings for 20 to 25 years. We can also purchase a Solar Energy system. After it pays for itself we will have free electricity for another 20 to 30 years.

While solar is great for schools, which use much less power at night, it's not (yet) a base line technology. We also need wind, geothermal, marine current, and other modern, sustainable, renewable, clean energy technologies to generate power, and what Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute calls "Nega-Watts."

Enhance National Security.

Electricity today comes from a very small number of very large power plants, mostly coal and nuclear. Shifting to a large number of smaller installations would diminish the importance of each and help fight terrorism.

Nuclear power is dangerous and relies on massive government subsidies. It is hard to be confident in an industry when critics are ignored, and when whistle-blowers are fired.

If the schools in Mississippi and Louisiana had been equipped with solar power systems, then the people requiring shelter following Hurricanes Rita and Katrina would have had working refrigerators for food and medicine. If the schools in the north-east had been equipped with solar power systems then the lights would have come on faster after the blackout of 2004.

Preserve the Environment.

Solar panels transform light into electricity or heat with no greenhouse gases, no radioactive wastes, no mercury. There is no oil that can spill, no oil that must be purchased for over $100 per barrel from countries led by the likes of Achmadinejad, Bandar, or Chavez. There is no coal that must be mined - therefore no coal mining disasters, no coal that when burned releases greenhouse gases into the air and mercury into the environment.

What they call “Clean Coal” is smoke and mirrors – mirrors that hide the greenhouse gases and the mercury in the smoke.

You Can Help

Please tell your friends, wives, husbands, neighbors to vote for me.

And tell your representatives from the municipal level to the state house, to the White House and the Congress that you want to see Solar, Wind, other Clean Energy Technologies, and "Nega-Watts" replace nuclear, coal, and oil.

I don't need much money, but a few dollars would go a long way. If you want to make a campaign contribution, please call, send a check, or use "PayPal."


Politics is too important to leave to the politicians.

Thank you very much.

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