Furman Consulting Group, LLC, offers a wide array of services to our clients, providing Tactical Support of Strategic Value

We Enable our Clients to Achieve their Goals

Our Clean Energy Consulting helps our clients harness the wind and the sun to lower energy costs while helping to save the world.

FCG's Information Technology services focus on Databases, Networks, the Internet, Backup and Recovery, and Training.

Green Computing - Blades, Solid State Disk, and other new designs deliver more computing power yet use less electric power.

Our Intellectual Property team can help with your patent filings and brainstorming ideas. The patent pending Furmanator II advances the state of the art in data centers, enhancing physical security of the computers, logical security of the data, and ergonomics for the operators and administrators.

When your computers or your electric bills give you a headache, take 2 aspirin and call FCG in the morning.
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