The patent pending Furmanator II

Extending the state of the art in data centers, one rack at a time.

The patent pending Furmanator II advances the state of the art in data center technology by providing access to the console of rack mounted computer systems, i.e. the keyboard, screen, and mouse, while the rack door remains closed and locked.

This enhances the physical and logical security of the computers in the racks and the information managed on the computers, and provides a more comfortable and more ergonomic environment for the operators and administrators working on the computers.


  • An operator can only access the console on the computers he or she has permission to access. The operator can't access the other servers or workstations.
  • The operator is granted physical access to the console but not the computers or other equipment housed in the rack.
  • The operator can't slip a USB memory device or CD into a server and copy, install, or delete anything surreptitiously.
  • The "Furmanator 2" gives administrators and operators safer and more convenient access to the console of the computers housed within your racks.
  • With the door is closed and locked it is not banging on the operator's arm - and is not precipitating a disaster.
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