Furman Consulting Group, LLC, offers a wide array of services to our clients, providing Tactical Support of Strategic Value.

Information Technology Consulting that Enables our Clients to Achieve their Goals

For the Fortune 500 & The Enterprise For Small Business

Database Administration
Database Tuning
Enterprise Backup
Disaster Recovery

Web Design Services
Network Design & Implementation
System Protection
Computer Upgrades and Repair

Expertise & Experience

Unix / Linux / Databases

AT&T, SVR4, SunOS, Solaris, Linux, & Mac OS X, 18 Years
From NT to 2003. 8 Years

Databases Informix, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server


Telecommunications, Defense, Legal, and Wall Street

Less is More

Less Hardware is
           More ROI

New Energy Efficient designs save money by delivering greater computer power while requiring less electric power. Software allows you to consolidate servers and desktops, sharing machines with terminal sessions, using fewer machines overall. By reducing the number of computers you own, and the power each machine uses, you save a bundle. Let us help you.
On The Enterprise Level When you need team players who understand the objectives and can deliver!
And For Small Business When you don't need full time Info Tech staff ... but you do need an Expert.

Leverage Furman's 20 years in IT, Management, & Sales to achieve your goals. Call 732-58O-OO24.