Furman Consulting Group, LLC, offers a wide array of services to our clients, providing Tactical Support of Strategic Value.

Database Consulting that Enables our Clients to Achieve their Goals

Database Administration Guaranteeing Your Databases are Available 24 x 7 x 365

On Wall Street, and on Main Street, your databases are mission critical.

FCG provided database administration services for CSFB, Fuji Capital Markets, and the NSSC, as well as AT&T Bell Labs, AT&T Wireless, and Delta Air Lines.

Supporting DB2, Informix, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase.

Disaster Recovery Guaranteeing Availability - Even After A Disaster

When a major New York City based law firm lost a database server in the blackout of 2003, FCG stepped in to rebuild the server and the databases.

Database Tuning Guaranteeing Performance

Time is money. When "throughput" is slow, we know where to look to fix things, to speed up response time. Whether you need a new index or new server, we can diagnose the issues recommend and implement the solution.

When a network engineering data warehouse application at Verizon outgrew the design, and the overnight processing and had to be shifted to the weekend, FCG stepped in to fix things. Within 3 months the overnight processing time was cut from 16 hours to 3 hours - and moved back from weekly to daily.

Database Design Guaranteeing Data Integrity

FCG Designed systems for AT&T, Bell Labs, National Securities Clearing Corp, and other clients. We built referential integrity constraints and distributed database applications before these were "buzzwords."

We have designed Work-Flow Tracking Systems, Order Entry Systems, and Data Warehouses.

For the Fortune 500 When you need team players who understand the objectives and can deliver!
And For Small Business When you don't need full time Info Tech staff ... but you do need an Expert.

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